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IceSword has a Windows Explorer-like interface but displays hidden processes and resources that Windows Explorer would never show. It isn't a "click-here-to-delete-rootkits" product but a sophisticated discovery tool that can protect against sinister rootkits if used before they infect a machine.

Download Below


Download - Current Version - 1.22 - English
IceSword122en.zip - MD5: 49582e999155cdf2812a1d645caf0831

Icesword 1.20 for Windows Vista

PJF's Blog( Chinese ) ( English Translation )

Check out this article on the software. IceSword Author Speaks Out On 'Rootkits'

The following links are to a site that has exploits on some pages. Be sure to check out the danger of a link with Linkscanner from Exploit Labs.

Older Versions
Download Icesword 1.20 - English
MD5: 14573e30abbbe576ed739ec7866e5939

Download Icesword 1.18 English ( Thanks Tom )
More Details - http://xfocus.net/tools/200509/1085.html
Screenshots - http://xfocus.net/tools/200509/1085.html

Download Icesword 1.16 - English (25 Apr 2006)
Download Icesword 1.12 - English

If you have any problems or questions about Icesword you can ask for help in the our Forum.

Icesword Articles.

1. How To Remove Rootkits with IceSword - An excellant article on how to use Icesword to remove rootkits from your PC.



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