A beautiful lawn is something that most homeowners strive for. When your house is surrounded by green, healthy grass, it can add to its curb appeal, making it much more attractive from the street.

Remarkable Backyard Lawn Ideas

A well-maintained lawn can also enhance your outdoor entertaining. Having backyard get-together with friends is a lot more enjoyable when you have a beautiful lawn as a backdrop. Children and pets also love to frolic on thick, healthy grass. It is soft enough to provide cushioning if they fall, helping to prevent injuries.

Of course, keeping your lawn looking its best takes work. You not only need to regularly mow it but you also need to properly fertilize it. One of the best ways to keep your grass greener is by learning when to feed it in the spring.

As a general rule of thumb, lawns should be fertilized several times each year – once in the spring and a couple of other times during the growing season. It is important to wait until the perfect time to apply the fertilizer, however. If you apply it too early or too late, it can negatively impact the growth and health of the grass.

Applying  Fertilizer

The most common mistake that homeowners make when it comes to applying fertilizer is applying it too early in the season. As soon as the weather starts to get nice, most people rush out and buy fertilizer, putting it on their lawns before the grass really has a chance to start growing. Sadly, this can keep the grass from developing a hearty root system.

During the early part of the spring, grass begins developing its root system. If you apply fertilizer during this critical time, it will start focusing on growing up out of the ground, instead. This can keep the root system from fully developing, making your grass weaker and more likely to succumb to problems such as drought, pests, or disease.

To prevent this problem, you should wait until later in the spring to apply the fertilizer. That way, the grass will have a chance to fully establish its root system before it begins putting energy into growing.

The specific time of the year when you should fertilize will vary, depending on where you live. You should look up recommendations for your particular growing zone online. You can also reach out to your local county extension office for advice.

Growing Fresh Green Grass

Alternatively, you can also judge when the time is right by watching your grass. Avoid applying it when the grass is still slightly brown or weak looking after the winter. Instead, wait until after it has started growing and is totally green. This is a sign that the root system has been established and that the grass is ready to grow.

Now that you know when to feed your grass in the spring if you want it to be greener, you should be able to have a beautiful lawn. When you keep your lawn well fed, watered, and properly maintained, it will continue to look amazing all season long. To know more on organic lawn care solutions visit professionals today!

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