aims to help ordinary computer users gain an understanding of Rootkits, what they can do and steps to remove them. This site aims to provide information on all aspects of Rootkit Information, Prevention, Detection, Indentification and Removal.

A rootkit is a program that is designed to hide itself and other programs, data, and/or activity including viruses, backdoors, keyloggers and spyware on a computer system.

A Rootkit can keep itself, other files, registry keys and network connections hidden from detection and this is why they are so dangerous.

Rootkits are used to hide the existence of Spyware, Trojans, Keyloggers and other malware on computers. They are also commonly used by hackers to hide the backdoors they install on computers.

The rise in the use of Rootkits can be seen at the moment as more Spyware creators are trying to hide their installation from the evolving Spyware scanners and virus writers trying to hide their existance.

Recent stats show that over 500,000 computers are infected with the Sony Rootkit. Are you infected?

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