If you would like to go on a successful birding trip this year, Costa Rica is a place that you need to visit. Although you could head to Africa, Costa Rica is certainly at the top of the list for those that are in North and South America. It is perfectly positioned close to the equator, presenting incredible rain forests that you can see from many different vantage points. Some of them are very close to the beaches, making them even more unique. Here are some of the best birding hotspots in Costa Rica that you should visit if you have time this year.

Cano Negro National Wildlife Refuge

This is a place that many people visit if they are interested in seeing a wildlife refuge that has herons, egrets, storks, and roseate spoonbills. They offer a detour where you can see a substantial amount of wildlife, some of which will be very close for you to photograph.

Osa Peninsula

This location has some of the most remote, as well as undisturbed, rain forests that can be found in the world. It has a substantial amount of wildlife including 350 different species of birds that can be found throughout this Peninsula. If you are staying at one of the eco-lodges, you can get up in the morning, allowing you to go on hikes and see some of the unique birds that are currently flying around.

La Paz Waterfall Gardens

This has many different and unique locations that you can visit. They have a hummingbird garden, a migration corridor or, and an aviary where you can see birds flying. It also has the Peace Lodge, considered to be one of the top destinations for ecological related visits in Central America.

Monteverde Cloud Forest

There are many places that you can go but few are as beautiful as this destination. It has a very unique location, multiple ecological zones, and most of the rain forest has never been visited by mankind. There are not only beautiful birds, but a multitude of plants and animals that are unique to this area of the world. It has over 400 different species of birds, and when you take the morning tours, you will see quite a few of them whenever you go.

Carara National Park

Finally, if you visit this national Park, you are going to visit one of the most popular birdwatching locations in the world. There are some that are indigenous only to this region of Costa Rica, and it happens to be a much drier location. This is important to people that are trying to avoid the rainy season, and if they are cutting it close, they will likely not see any rainstorms. There are fewer evergreens which can often block your view of certain birds, but that will not be a problem at this national Park which people that do birding prefer.

Traveling to Costa Rica could become one of your favorite vacation destinations. For those that do birding regularly, this is a place that you need to visit. Once you have spent some time there, you will understand why so many people recommend this location for all that it has to offer. See more for details on birds.