Your air conditioner helps keep you and your family cool and comfortable during the hot months of the year. To keep it functioning, you want to take good care of it. If you notice anything odd such as a leak or a problem with the way it cools your home, it is best to contact your HVAC experts.

Sometimes an air conditioner stops running because of a circuit breaker being tripped.

If your AC stops working, make sure to switch it off and then unplug it. Go to the circuit breaker box and check to see if it was switched off. If so, switch it back on and you should be able to get your AC going again.

There are times when it will stop cooling the house properly. You will notice this pretty quickly especially if it is very hot outside. Sometimes this is a problem with the thermostat only. This can be fixed rather easily with the help of your AC professionals. Other times, it could mean that your unit has run low on refrigerant.

Refrigerant is a chemical that helps the unit move liquid and gas through it to absorb heat and to move it from inside your home to the outside. The refrigerant must remain at a specific level or it will not cool the house properly. There are times when there are leaks that are due to loose connections or corrosion. These allow the refrigerant to leak and can cause the AC to stop functioning properly.

This problem is bigger than just causing the home to be cooled less. Of course, you and your family will be uncomfortable until it is fixed. But the problem must be addressed immediately. If not, it could cause the compressor to break down. The compressor is the biggest and most important part of the unit. If it malfunctions, the whole AC malfunctions. Also read some more blogs on our website.

This could lead you to have to buy a whole new replacement.

So, if your home is suddenly not as cool as it should be, do a few things before you call your HVAC expert in. Check the thermostat. If it is set at your desired temperature, then call your HVAC company for help. If it is not, simply adjust it downwards.

If you have an HVAC system, look outside to see if the unit is being blocked by any debris or leaves. This is sometimes the reason the unit will not cool properly. If this is not the problem, call your air conditioning technician right away.

The system will need to have the refrigerant added. The sooner you do this the better. Leaving this to go can result in the entire unit breaking down.

To keep your air conditioner in good condition, take care of it. Change the air filters at least every six months, and vacuum the condenser coils gently. If you need assistance with anything else, always contact your local HVAC professionals. They will be happy to help you set up a maintenance plan click here to know more .

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