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Stealth Malware ( Rootkit ) List 1998 - 2002

Below you will find a list of malware that use Rootkit technology documented by many of the big Anti Virus companies like Sophos and some not so big. This list is only meant to be a guideline, we cannot display all stealth malware in existence, we'll try our best to.

If you know of a malware that is not listed please use the contact form to email us the details.

The Rootkits are listed in Order of Find Date.

Select Year 2008 - 2007 - 2006 - 2005 - 2004 - 2003 - 1998 - 2002



Name / Alias OS Date Discovered Alias
Troj/RootKit-I SunOS 11-2002 Backdoor.HackDefender,
Linux/Rootkit-FKit Linux 11-2002  
FreeBSD.Rootkit FreeBSD 10-2002  
Linux/Kokain Linux 08-2002  
Troj/Rootkit-A Linux 06-2002  
Troj/Rootkit-C Linux 02-2002  



Beastkit 7.0 Linux 01-2002  
Linux/RootKit-BTM Linux 10-2001  
Hacktool.Rootkit Windows 09-2001  
Linux/Rootkit Linux 04-2001  
Troj/Lrk4 Linux 03-2001  
Troj/T0rn-Kit Linux 03-2001  
Linux/Rootkit-Knark Linux 03-2001
Linux/Rootkit-Lrk Linux 11-1998
Mac OS X/Weapox Mac  
AdoreBSD rootkit Unix  





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