Just like you can track packages with UPS and FedEx, you can track packages with the USPS. It is very simple. All you do is use the tracking number. When you go to the USPS website, the tracking icon is in the lefthand corner, one of the first options you see. You click on tracking, and then you copy and paste the tracking # that you have. It will show you the expected delivery date, and it will give you the status and last scan.

Stop By The Post Office To Get Packages Tracked

I have a PO Box, and I get packages quite often. When I input the tracking #, I have noticed many times that it can give me one of two updates when it has been delivered to my PO Box. One of the updates is that the package has been delivered to a parcel locker. That means I can pick it up after hours if I can’t make it by the post office during normal business hours. The other update is that it has just been delivered, and that means that there might be a yellow slip inside my PO Box that I have to take into the office to get the package.

In that last instance, I would have to stop by the post office to get the package during business hours. They do that sometimes because the parcel lockers are full already. Of course, if you are just trying to track a package that is being delivered to your home, you just want updates while it is on its way. Once it has been delivered, you will know, unless you aren’t home at the time. But still, it is only one update that will be given in that case, that the package has indeed been delivered.

Scan The Updates Given For Packages

There aren’t always a ton of scan updates given for packages. Sometimes I see more than others. Yet packages delivered from TX to SC sometimes only come with three scan updates. The scan updates are one at the original destination, one on the way, and one when it gets to SC. That’s enough scans and tracking information, and what’s provided is helpful. Yet I wanted to give you an idea of what you might expect.

Deliveries from farther away would have more tracking updates, and sometimes deliveries from TX to SC do, too. That is a pretty lengthy delivery route for sure, a drive time of 21 hours. Of course, packages arent just driven to their locations. They are flown, too. Are you expecting an overnight delivery? If so, you aren’t going to get an mid-air tracking scan. That package is going to be on its way to you in a flash.

Are you ready to get the tracking update?

You do need the #, and once you submit it, the official usps address change website will save it for you. That means every time you go back to the USPS website and select tracking, it will pull up that package automatically to show you whether or not it has been delivered.

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