One of the things that you have to deal with is the fact that you could actually gain weight. You have to understand that gaining weight is a common trend especially if you are already getting older or if you are not active. In order to prevent weight gain, you have to ensure that you are going to compute for your caloric requirements. As rule of thumb, you don’t want to end up eating foods that you don’t actually burn.

Also, you have to deal with the fact that you are going to have to work out. You will have to find a way to burn the calories. In addition to this, you will have to build muscle that can support your structure and could burn more calories even if you are at rest. It is a fact that a lot of people don’t usually follow.

You also have to ensure that you are going to have the right type of workout. If you are simply going to focus on arms, then expect that you are not going to burn a lot of calories. What you want to do is to work on large muscle groups.